Christ-Citadel          International 

Christ Citadel International Church operates as a family of churches in the United States and abroad. Our emphases is 
on attaining balance between the work and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in all spiritual understanding and wisdom
giving Jesus Christ central place in everything. The church is currently in Canada, United Kingdom, and many African
countries including Ghana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique, and the Republic of South Africa.

​The Christ Citadel International Church  in Palm Springs , California is dedicated to serving the people and residents
of Coachella Valley, with a mission of accepting and receiving all people to nurture and discipline them in the love of
Christ, the Word of God, and to help them identify God’s purpose and destiny for their lives.

Dr. Terry Warren is the resident pastor of Christ Citadel International Church (CIC), Coachella Valley, California.
In this capacity, he is responsible for overseeing all the activities that goes on within the CIC Coachella Valley church.
This includes developing, implementing, and maintaining the organization’s mission and vision within the Coachella
Valley area.  Dr. Terry Warren has been with the CCIC ministries for almost a decade and has been in ministry around
the world for three decade. Prior to his current position as residentPastor Dr. Terry Warren was a Dean of the school
of ministry at CIC Los Angeles. He was also the head of the intercessory prayer group in CIC Pomona, Ca. and
also actively involved in evangelism and teaching/ training people to become effective leaders in ministry.


About Christ-Citadel 

 coachella valley, Palm springs, California